EverLasting Love provides FREE addresses of pre-screened filipino girls, filipina, seeking penpals, love and marriage.  Tour the philippines information guide including hong kong, china.free introductions to loving, educated young Filipina ladies.  Also I will introduce you to Filipinas who have passed medical & background checks!!   An Industry First !!

Protect yourself against giving your time & “heart” only to find out after you travel to Asia the lady you have fallen in love with, has a minor criminal record, a serious illness, or an undisclosed marriage and can not qualify for a USA VISA       Note from Jean

 Filipina helping filipinas by introductions, personals, searches, background checks, verifications, information on culture, gift giving, telephone calls, and country info on philippines.  ! ENTER HERE Jean, a native filipina helping other filipinas find romance, love, and marriage by personal introduction service, personal search, safe background check, discount calling cards, gifts, information on philippines culture.

Over 700 pages of Fun & Information
Click for details on my new book - " Filipina  Courtship  Secrets " Frank and detailed insights into courtship from the Filipina perspective are so important for Western gentlemen to successfully avoid misunderstandings during courtship with my sister Filipina.  During my Personal Searches  I have gathered intimate secrets to reveal to you. 
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Gifts Delivered in The Philippines

Gofts Delivered in The Philippines

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Who do you think would make the best friend, lover, bride and wife: Asian / Oriental, which could include girls from China - Chinese, the Philippines - Filipina, Japan - Japanese, Thailand - Tai, Korea - Korean, Vietnam - Vietnamese, or Malaysia - Malay; Eastern European which includes Russia - Russian, Siberia - Siberian; Latin / Latino or Latina from Central America and South America which includes Columbia - Colombian, Brazil - Brazilian, Peru - Peruvian, Venezuela - sweet, and Mexico - Mexican? All these ladies may be beautiful, sweet, smart, sexy, loving, sensuous, thoughtful, attentive or educated; may even speak English. So, who makes the best soul-mate / life-time partner? Filipina, of course. Yes, Filipino ladies correctly referred to as Filipina or Philipina make the best penpals, friends, lovers, brides and wives for many reasons. More later, but, incase you don't agree, you may meet your dream girl or girls from any country via this free site.
So enter for info & addresses of filipina that have passed medical & background checks. Free introductions to ALL women posted in Section II, and photos, tours, marriage, gifts, penpals of young, single, filipina, asian are offered - free Philippines information about Cebu, Davao, Tagalog, a currency converter, Philippine wedding. We may not be matchmakers or have fancy search engines like Asiandate, Cherry Blossoms, Filipina wife, Singles, American Singles or One and Only but unlike classifieds, bars, lounges or mail order bride dating agencies, we do have beautiful Pinay who are educated, petite, thrifty, obedient, submissive, tender, elegant, family oriented, adult, mature, and romantic lovers so take your viagra, prozac and vitamins before you get married and drive off with your gorgeous, intelligent, desirable wife and companion on your honeymoon so you can handle the May December sex and find true happiness. They are not, however, mailorder brides, prostitutes, jail bait, child brides, sex slaves, swingers or any other negative fetish label you hear thrown about. We Filipina are proud of our heritage. Filipinas please and serve our husband because we desire to do so.
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Gifts  Delivered  in  The Philippines

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I have been advised to no longer provide any contact info, even free until the new USA law is fully understood. I have been providing free address upon request since 1989 and have had no (absolutely none) reports of abuse, but the law is the law. We are not a US site but advisors feel the USA law could cause future VISA applications to be denied. I do not want any man or woman to reach that point only to be denied a VISA on account of getting their initial contact info from a "non-compliant" website. Strange law as the only way it seems I can comply at the moment is by not providing the contact info at all.
Strange but true. Please check back in a few weeks for updates or join my free Yahoo Group to receive updates. For info on the new USA law know as IMBRA click here.   Jean


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