My book has become much larger than I had expected because there is soooo much to share.
So many courtships between Filipina and Western gentlemen end in heartbreak for no good reason - simple misunderstandings.  Well, maybe not so simple, but most are easily avoidable.  That is why frank and detailed insights into my culture are so important for Western gentlemen to successfully avoid misunderstandings during courtship with my sister Filipina.  I have spent over a year researching and writing a book, Filipina Courtship Secrets.   As I have interviewed hundreds of Filipina during my Personal Searches for European and American gentlemen, I have gathered great information to share with you.  I have answered the many questions you have ask me this past year.  CLICK here for short list of questions I answer.   Intimate secrets that are not in other books or websites - that is for sure!  
Mary Jane is a college graduate, age 25, 5'1"  98lbs. and her measurements are a very sexy 34-25-33 "Hello, my name is Mary Jane Corpuz.  My homeland is the Philippines but I now work as a teacher in Thailand.  Jean, I send my photo and information because my friend Lotis find nice American gentlemen with your help. This is first time I do anything like this.  Please help me find a mature, responsible gentleman who is kind, romantic, understanding, and faithful."

Mary Jane's profile is in the Filipina Showcase with other educated, lovely Filipinas that have passed medical & background checks.  My friends are sincere about finding true love, romance, marriage and family with kind, responsible Western gentlemen.

Mary Jane is a "Choice Lady" so her address is normally not free.  But if you will do me a simple two minute favor,  I will send you her mailing & email address  free .

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