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This book is a first hand guide from first hand experience. It is a must read for anyone planning on living in or even just visiting the Philippines


I highly recommend Kevin's book of his personal experience.  Much practical advice that will save time, money and frustration.  CLICK on book for details.  Jean



EverlastingLove is an affiliate of so your actual purchase will be on their site and you will enjoy their high level of customer service.  )> My favorites are in red squares <(
Much more than a travel guide, it spends more time on background and meaning of customs in the Philippines A 24-page full-colour section introduces the Philippines and its highlights, from the remote sun-kissed islands off the East coast to the lagoons of Palawan and the tribal villages of the Cordilleras. Each region of the country is covered in-depth, with the pick of the sights and activities listed at the start of the chapter. There are detailed and opinionated listings providing essential information on where to stay, eat, drink, dance, dive, surf, trek, kayak and sail. Finally, an informative and accessible background is given to Philippino history, culture, socitey, music, politics and environment. My book has become much larger than I had expected because there is soooo much to share. 172 pages published in December 2003

Henry Makow's enlightening new book is a must read for anyone considering a foreign relationship.  I highly recommend it.  I have a full page of details for you by clicking on this book cover.  jean

Bring the Philippines into your home with a nice video.

ravel Videos
This is in many ways an update to Culture Shock Philippines. It give a good historical overview, then spends much of it's 168 pages explaining daily life, cultural issues family values and our focus on the family.   I recommend this as the most important book to read to start to understand us.

Culture Smart

One of the most important functions of a guidebook is to help the trip-planning traveler discriminate between great places and mediocre ones. If that's what your looking for, the Rough Guide is the best and my new favorite.   Take this book with you  
Click Here   for another great guide by the original author of the Lonely Planet series. 
Frank and detailed insights into my culture are so important for Western gentlemen to successfully avoid misunderstandings during courtship with my sister Filipina.  During my Personal Searches  I have gathered great information to share with you. CONTENTS


Jeff wrote a detailed book about his
experiences from  meeting his Filipina wife, to going to the Philippines, to the year long VISA process before she came to the USA to live. I have received excellent feedback on this book. Jean


I have made arrangements directly with the author to provide an autographed copy of this revealing  book at a reduced price for you. Click below for review of book.  SPECIAL OFFER when bought with "Filipina Courtship Secrets" 
Bring the Philippines into your home with a nice video.
ravel Videos

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SPECIAL - Get eBook "Filipina Courtship Secrets"  and my DVD  "Getting to Know Filipina" at a great combination price!

Best Filipino Language Courses

Gifts Delivered in The Philippines More Books
What does a Filipina mean when she says she is "simple" ?
Another excellent guide book to the Philippines Easy to use 52 page manual including application forms with samples and easy to follow instructions.  Do you see my name on sample? More information to learn about Filipino foods.   1878610635
Both original and expanded versions 2002 are still the best book on insights to our funny ways (except for my eBook of course :-)   It goes beyond the norm of "Travel Books" to share insights to our unique:
1. Body Language - what we say with simple eyebrow movements, a touch on the arm or curling under of our fingers;
2. We say it but don't really mean it - we want to be kind and gracious so sometimes we offer things but don't expect you to accept;
3. We say we are "traditional" and "simple" and "obedient" but what do "we" mean by those English words? A Must Buy >>>>>>>>>
The chapter entitled “The Country and Its People”  is an excellent account and analyses of Philippine history.  Even better than what is taught in school.  "I never expected to find such a treasure in a travel book. You will be ready to appreciate the country during your visit."  Lots of beautiful color pictures on high quality paper.  Sale<$10
Paperback - 272 pages (August 2001)
Dimensions (in inches): 0.76 x 8.80 x 5.81 A favorite

I would read this one before I left & take Rough Guide above with me.  

If you cannot find Culture Shock buy my eBook as I cover our customs, word meaning, etc. in "Courtship Secrets"

Easy to understand 52 page manual including application forms with samples and easy to follow instructions. 

Also read information on "Spouse VISA" book. There is also a "Student VISA" book, but very few can qualify.  

The American Immigration Center has several packages.  Click for descriptions.

Here is some general information I prepare for you.






I hope you find these books helpful and don't miss my Special Items page.  Send me recommendations on new books & videos, please.   )> If I you, I buy books in red squares <( See My
 Special Items
   Have fun writing words of romance in your Ladies native language. Learn essential phrases before your trip or put in letters.     
   While this is a beginners Tagalog  course, it will take you to the same level many intermediate courses cover.  The illustrations may be childlike but the instruction is 1st class. At $30 it is a great buy. Book & audio CDs. 
     The emphasis is on conversation. First fifteen lessons provide a tutorial introduction to the language; last fifteen lessons engage reader in complete conversations.
   When you finish this course you can expect to have vocabulary of 250 top Filipino words and speak at intermediate level. The book is 384 pages and comes with 2 audio CDs. Buy at Amazon

I have some Talk Now Tagalog courses at 70% off. A cheap way to get started and see how well you take to learning Filipino / Tagalog.  DETAILS  .

This volume brings the wonderful flavors and aromas of real Filipino cooking to the general public.  Taste the influences of India, China, Mexico, Spain, America, and Malaysia integrated seamlessly with indigenous flavors and ingredients. So, whether you simply wish to read the book and imagine the unctuous recipes already prepared or, if you prefer as I do, put into practice what Mr. Gelle has carefully laid out, none of the dishes will disappoint.
Sale<$25 on Amazon 
This Tagalog course package includes 2 CDs, and a 362 page book.  It is OK but I feel the other courses are more practical.  But you consider it or  Buy at Amazon

Excellent map showing main provinces. Good for tourist    TRAVEL  MAP

It is very inexpensive and convenient to carry around. One side is whole country with highways and most popular sites and index. Other side is detail of tourist places and info. An even better choice is Periplus when available.

New DVD featuring Jean & her friends - A must see! See our DVD - - Getting to Know Filipina

Getting to 
Know Filipina

A unique DVD featuring 8 very pretty Filipina friends  just being themselves.   INFO

Click here for Today's Best Deals at Plays any DVD from anywhere in the World Amazon does great job for my friends. Select, wrap, personal card, and mail for you!  How convenient plus great prices and reliability.  Jen
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