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FriendFinder is the king of online dating with 5 million members with profiles plus more than half a million new members register each month.   Over 500 million pages are viewed each month and  their Personal Profiles are viewed approximately 6 million times a day.  That is a lot of action and you can cash in on their popularity.  just click HERE and again on "affiliates" at the bottom of their home page. The Heart of Asia   and  A Pretty Woman services make available thousands of different women from ALL over the world.  Not just Asia, but Russia and South America & more.  Your customers may use their address packages to write ladies of their choice .  They have excellent search engines and their daily updates keeps your visitors returning. You receive a fair commission on address sales.

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The Heart of Asia   A Pretty Woman
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  This links to the largest personals service in the world, with lots of great services at a great price - I guess that's why it is the largest.   Russian and sexy, even horney, women speaking frankly and showing sexy pictures in personal ads. This is very popular site according to my stats @^_^@    For more information about these  Introduction Services   CLICK HERE    The Heart of Asia service introduces you to hundreds of different Ukrainian / Russian women for less than $3 each.  A Pretty Woman has more very young girls listed than similar services.  Most of the Ladies have a phone.


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My book has become much larger than I had expected because there is soooo much to share.
I have spent over a year researching and writing a book, Filipina Courtship Secrets.   As I have interviewed hundreds of Filipina during my Personal Searches for European and American gentlemen, I have gathered personal information that I now reveal.  I have answered the many questions asked me this past year.  CLICK here for short list of questions I answer.   Intimate secrets that are not in other books or websites - that is for sure! 
Join my affiliate program and earn 20% commission (Amazon only pays 7%) on every $24.95 sale made from your website or I will build a website just for you showcasing my book that you can refer people to and promote at search engines and directories.  See sample affiliate site.  Buyers receive a full years unlimited access to the private online book site currently containing over 200 files with more than 4 megabytes of original information and carefully researched and selected links to the best of the best websites providing  information on intercultural courtship, marriage, immigration, customs, verifying identities, best ways to 
 find (free address sites, direct links to Asian newspapers that take personal ads, where/how to approach during personal visits, ...) and meet, Asian travel, scams to avoid, and so much more.  Most of the information is specific to Western gentlemen and Filipina women.  I am continually updating and adding to its contents making much more valuable than a paper book.  
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Sell my new DVD    Getting to Know Filipina 

This was made for just us to remember each other, but after many requests we decide to make it available for you to see.  We did not edit out the embarrassing moments so please realize we just kidding around.  Jean
At the request of many, I have made a DVD featuring 7 friends & myself just being ourselves.  An hour of the movie is a Christmas party we had, a Midnight Mass, & us just kidding around, a short fashion show, and us dancing.  Some of the dancing gets a little sexy (PG) but this is meant as a way for you to see Filipina personalities & get to know us better.  In part of the movie we are dressed-up for party, part we are casual, part dressed for Church and part in our nightgowns as party is a 2 day sleepover. Rest is Philippines info, Hong Kong info & a surprise bonus!  
Join my affiliate program and earn 20% commission (Amazon only pays 7%) on every $24.95 sale made from your website or I will build a website just for you showcasing my DVD that you can refer people to and promote at search engines and directories.  See sample affiliate site.  Buyers receive a  90 + minute quality DVD that is guaranteed to play properly.  
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Its FREE. There are no setup or other fees charged by 1st-USA /  SpeedyPin International Prepaid Phone Cards.   We pay you a 10% commission on the gross amount of phonecard orders made through your site.  You can have a site just like mine: "Jean's Best Cards"

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