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A college degree shows responsibility, commentment, determination and intelligence -- still I'm only "so,so" at Scrabble.
Education is valued very highly in the Philippines.   Fortunately it is of high quality yet reasonable in cost.  Our families are very supportive.  Not to brag but as an example, I have helped two younger sisters financially so they could go to college - both have graduated.  My older sisters helped me.   Also, in the Philippines vocational schools are considered formal education.  Beware of American English courses, advise your penpals to read the fine print carefully - especially in Hong Kong.  It may appear you are enrolling in a 30 day course for about $50US only to find out it is $50 per month for a year.   
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Closer to Home - - 2 hour high quality DVD movie with great love story as well as much about life in smal towns in Philippines.  I highly recommend it, Jean
More  Basic   Information  You  Should  Know I highly recommend this new book.  CLICK for Details

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This is my sister Terrisita.  She graduate 1999 with degree in computer science.  Teresita just listed her own profile in Show 1 of The Filipina Theater (Choice Ladies).  You find my college friends pretty as well as smart.  Have fun ;-)
Filipina Romance - Truly FREE Yahoo group maintained by  Filipinas and has many free address with pictures and informational posts also.  Their pictures and addresses (many have email & phone # listed) are in the "Photos" section.  
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My Sister's Graduation
This book is a "streetwise guide" from first hand experience. It is a must read for anyone planning on living in or even just visiting the Philippines, from the 1st timer to the long term veteran. It doesn't get any better then this.... Ben          DETAILS 
 (I highly recommend this over 200 page ebook,
  It even discusses the topics that make me blush.   Jean)   
This book is a first hand guide from first hand experience. It is a must read for anyone planning on living in or even just visiting the Philippines
My book has become much larger than I had expected because there is soooo much to share.
So many courtships between Filipina and Western gentlemen end in heartbreak for no good reason - simple misunderstandings.  Well, maybe not so simple, but most are easily avoidable.  That is why frank and detailed insights into courtship from our perspective are so important for Western gentlemen to successfully avoid misunderstandings during courtship with my sister Filipina.  I have spent over a year researching and writing a book, Filipina Courtship Secrets.   As I have interviewed hundreds of Filipina during my Personal Searches for European and American gentlemen, I have gathered intimate information that I reveal to you.  I have answered the many questions you have ask me this past year.  CLICK here for short list of questions I answer.   Intimate secrets that are not in other books or websites - that is for sure!  As an E-book I will continually update & add content (already over 4 Megabytes & 500 files).
At the request of many, I have made a DVD featuring 7 friends & myself just being ourselves.  An hour of the movie is a Christmas party we had, a Midnight Mass, & us just kidding around and dancing.  Some of the dancing gets a little sexy(PG) but this is meant as a way for you to see Filipina personalities & get to know us better.  In part of the movie we are dressed-up for party, part we are casual, part dressed for Church and part in our nightgowns as party is a 2 day sleepover. Rest is Philippines & HK info (more than some $20 tapes) & a surprise bonus!  
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