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Still popular, Scruples is available for $14.95 on Amazon.comAre you familiar with the game "Scruples"?  I only found out about it recently so while it sold over 7 MILLION copies and is played by tens-of-millions, it was not available in my small town in Cebu province.  Perhaps you have a lot of fond memories of getting together with some of your friends, maybe girlfriends, even family members, and playing marathon sessions of the game.  If you are not familiar with it, basically, it is a board game where a dilemma is presented on a card, usually of a moral nature, and the trick is for every player to I highly recommend Henry's book.  Jeancorrectly guess what action the other players would take if presented with that situation.   A good example of a question is, " You e-mail your picture to a gorgeous person you met on the Internet. Do you mention that you gained thirty pounds since the picture was taken?"

Well, the man who invented Scruples is Henry Makow, and his assistant saw my "Filipina Courtship Secrets" website and emailed me. She suggested his new book, "A Long Way to go for a Date" covered much of the same subject, but from an American's perspective and would be of interest to the same readers.  The same day I received an email from one of my EverLastingLove.com Introduction site visitors saying how he had read this new book and it had "scared" him and he wanted my advice.  Well, "reality" books that scare you are usually the good ones that speak frankly about an important subject.  

So, I wrote back to say I'd very much like to offer his work to EverLastingLove.com visitors.  Henry, himself has since contacted me and we worked out an excellent arrangement, so I'm very pleased to now present it for your consideration.

Henry's book chronicles his own relationship with a Filipina named Cecilia on the island of Mindanao.  Having met her through a Canadian pen-pal club, Henry embarked upon a journey which many of you may soon experience yourself - a journey that starts with a few letters exchanged across the Pacific, which in turn leads to a flight to the Philippines to meet a pen-pal and her family, and then culminates with marriage and that sometimes turbulent "settling in" period back in the west.

Jean's Filipina Courtship Secrets is far more than a book.  It is a practical guide for safely navigating the journey to finding, courting, marrying and bringing home the woman of your dreams.  "I wish I had read it before I 1st went to the  Philippines.  It helps men to become more realistic"  HenryUnlike Filipina Courtship SecretsA Long Way to go for a Date is not a "how-to" book on meeting pen-pals and marrying them.  Henry omits the tedious technicalities of the correspondence and immigration processes in order to focus on his interactions with Cecilia and her family and friends.  Particularly interesting to me were his interactions with, and observations about, Cecilia's Filipino suitors and her father.  If you ever wanted to be a "fly on the wall" and see ALL that happens during a courtship: from the 1st meeting with her, & her family; to 1st sex;  dealing with her relatives; how the Catholic Church reacts to marrying a non-Catholic, a divorced man, and the non-Church wedding alternative; the transition to his country; to handling "family" support needs and emergencies; and all the misunderstandings / arguments, & romance along the way.  This is your chance!

Henry makes it explicit from the very start of the book that he knows exactly what he wants in a wife, and that he will go to great lengths to get what he's looking for.   He suffers the verbal slings and arrows of friends and family for seeking a foreign bride, and admits that in the end, marrying someone you know primarily through letters is a huge gamble.  Succeed, he points out, and you're a genius.  Fail, and you're a fool.   And indeed, he spends much of his journey plagued with the doubts that many western men experience when corresponding with a woman from another country.  Am I a fool?  Is this a disaster waiting to happen? Why would a young, attractive girl want an older guy like me?  What will she think when she sees me?

Yet Henry's convictions move him forward.  He is very outspoken about his contempt for the feminist movement in the west and he believes that there are few marital prospects for him in his homeland.  For him, there is no real option - he must gamble that a Filipina bride will live up to her reputation as a family-oriented, loving, and supporting wife, or else marry a woman from the west who will, in his estimation, make him miserable due to feminist brain-washing. 

My friend Bob Lingerfelt wrote: "I know from my correspondence with ASAWA (Filipina Wives) visitors that a great number of gentlemen You and a Filipina wife will make a pretty picture too.  Jeanwho happen upon my site face a very similar situation. While Henry and I are not necessarily in agreement on every topic he discusses, I do appreciate the fact that many readers of this book will be raising their hands in the air and shouting Hallelujah, you've got it 100% right, buddy!.  Without doubt, Henry's managed to capture and succinctly express the convictions of a large number of modern western men - essentially, that feminists in the west have destroyed the viability of a traditional marriage." 

"The book really neither supports nor condemns pen-pal relationships or mail order brides.  Henry simply strives to relay his own experiences and always says exactly what he thinks.  At many points in his narrative I found myself nodding and thinking, "Man, it was really ingenious how you handled that situation, Henry," but there were also a few points where I cringed and said, "My God, man, what were you thinking?!"  But so goes life.  We all have our own philosophies and we all deal with the world differently.  "A Long Way to go for a Date" is important because it provokes thought about a very controversial issue, and will present those of you who are new to intercultural relationships with a snapshot of the good, the bad, and the ugly." 

The book has 128 pages and is published by Silas Green.  Henry's been good enough to offer the book for a reduced price here on EverLastingLove.com of only $9.95, plus $2.35 shipping and handling by AIRMAIL to either U.S. or Canada addresses (& only $4.55 internationally).  

Also, my new friend Henry will sign (personally autograph) books purchased through EverLastingLove.com upon your request - just try and get an autographed copy at Amazon or your local bookstore!  Nice little personal touch for you guys.  Also, we charge less for shipping & handling even though it is mailed airmail! (I guess there are fewer hands handling it;-)

I can accept Paypal, or just plain snail-mail payments. 

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My friend Bob Lingerfelt is owner of the great site ASAWA which I highly recommend as he provides much frank information for husbands of foreign wives, especially Filipina since his lovely wife is from the Philippines - like me!  He read Henry's book first and since I respect Bob's opinion and that of my "scared" friend I contacted Henry's assistant to make "A Long Way to go for a Date" available to you.   Jean

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