Ken's  Romantic  Philippines  Adventure

I have spent over a year researching and writing a personal book, Filipina Courtship Secrets. As I have interviewed hundreds of Filipina during my Personal Searches for European and American gentlemen, I have gathered great information to share with you.

This is Ken's story. It is exactly as Ken sent it to me, except I scanned the photos Ken sent me and added them where I felt they best fit his story plus a few of my own.  Click on the small pictures to see them full size, then on your browser's BACK button to return to the story.  Ken's fiancée does have a name but she asked we not use it or photos of her at this time,  however she is a very pretty woman.  I have also made a few comments using a light gray font color.  i.e. (13 hours if on Daylight Savings Time)  I know you will learn much about my country and courtship with a Filipina.  I thank Ken for sharing it with us.
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