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Flowers are a great Gift for your special Lady Roses? Candies? Jewelry  A wide variety of gifts. Select just the right one for your lucky Lady.  I love roses, and jewelry, and bears and movies and .....    I love chocolate, and CDs, and books and gift baskets and .....   
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My ADVICE to you
  • This is a courtship -- yes, there is competition, especially for the most desirable Ladies, but it is different than dating in your own country - you are competing more with inner-self  than appearance (frankly, depends on girl).
  • Respect -- most of these Ladies are quite conservative, a little shock value goes a long way - sometimes I am more red than brown from blushing.
  • Be Funny -- it is more important than riches (honest, but no dirty jokes for a looooong time).
  • Be Yourself -- frankness & honor are valued over age, appearance or money
  • Family -- honor - respect - recognition  -- very important, a gift to her family is appreciated, but not required.
  • Be creative -- my favorite gift was a small stuffed “he loves me, he loves me not,” flower; It always ends with “he loves me.”  Next came poetry, personal audio & video tapes, flowers, jewelry, clothing, music, camera and XXXX (I'm embarrassed to say, it was my first).  Anything from the heart is great and she will appreciate it more.  Is there is a travel video that shows your Country?  VHS and Beta are both popular so ask girl what she have access to use.  Be careful about electric gifts as voltage is different here than USA.   35MM cameras are popular and Digital is becoming popular soon I think.  My men friends like because they have a reasonable International shipping rate and they gift wrap including a personal note from you.  In my book I make list on 20 good gift items as suggestions for you.   T-shirts are good gifts for children and nice belt (Levy popular) for Father and handbag (not shoulder bag) is good for Mother, but ask your girlfriend for specific suggestions before you visit. Best present for parents I think is artist drawing of their daughter. Jerry use Robbie by sending him my photo and it beautiful, a big thrill for all family. We made arrangement with Philippines largest Rose grower and most dependable courier service so you can send 2 dozen roses for $20 less than 1 dozen sent using FTD, 1-800-Flowers, etc.  Less than $45 total including shipping, taxes and delivery almost anywhere in The Philippines.   Roses Delivered in The Philippines  We now also have some very nice gifts we deliver in the USA

  • Postage -new 2007 rates- Include return postage - local stamps are  much cheaper than IRCs 
    • Philippines - 27 Pesos for international stamps   = about 42 cents US$ -- an IRC is now $1.85
    • Hong Kong - $3.30HKD is about 48 cents US$ --  an IRC is  now $1.85
    • IRC  - is International Reply Coupon and is available at many US post offices
      • PRO - it can only be used to buy international stamps
      • CON - she must go to her local post office to use it (travel costs can be higher than value)
      • TIP -  just put dollar in letter and mention it for postage to reply your letter.  Cheaper than IRC and trust me, she need money more than US Government, OK?
    • USA - Airmail / 1st Class postage is 84¢ for 1st ounce then 80¢ for each additional ounce
      • 1 ounce is about 4 pages plus envelope& 1 picture - fancy paper may weight more
      • Correct postage is important as too little means it probably will NOT be delivered or "returned" - just disappear
      • Packages not sent airmail go by ship - "Yes" slow boat to China is real - "real slow" over 30 days
      • Airmail takes about 10 days to Hong Kong & about 30 days to Philippines depending on which island
      • Postcards are 75¢ and are great if they show your community or favorite place or fun travel place.
    • USA-Global Priority
      • There are 2 sizes and you can send as much as you can put in the cardboard envelopes (up to 4 lbs.)
      • Large size is about $9.50US while smaller size is around $5.25US  ( Jerry sends me video tapes for $5.25 )
      • Only 3 days to Hong Kong or 10 days to Philippines  (Sometimes Global Priority costs less than Airmail)
      • Post office better than UPS as mailman know where "family" live as many residences not have street addresses.  UPS good for business addresses in larger towns.
  • Currency -- Be generous, but not duped
    • Most Ladies are very honest, “but” use head as well as heart, OK!
      • Conceal it carefully in letters - thief is #1 reason for undelivered mail in PI.   Hong Kong mail is good if you clearly print address on envelope and again inside envelope or package.
      • When you get serious, open a special banking account accessible via ATM
      • Western Union wires,  MoneyGrams & Xoom are reliable;  checks and money orders take 30+ days to clear before she can use money.  I use USA bank account for American deposits and get money at ATM machine here as currency exchange is automatic (& low fee) and funds are available quickly.  My eBook describes details of several safe ways.   Western Union  does not require the recipient to have a telephone.
      • At this time my favorite is Xoom money transfer Service.  Xoom is a great way to send money to The Philippines.  The cash can be picked up at over 400 Equitable PCI Bank locations.  FREE delivery is also available in many areas. Xoom is much less than Western Union especially on small amounts like under $200 the fee is usually half that of Western Union (i.e. send $50 for only a $5 fee)Xoom has a rechargeable ATM card that is very convenient.  They have an arrangement with PayPal to actually transfer the money.  I have used PayPal for six years without even a single problem - I highly recommend them.  And Equitable PCI Bank is very respectable Bank in Philippines so use the Xoom service with confidence.  iKobo is also good if you have time to set it up and will be sending money several times to the same person like a fiancée or wife, or family.  More details on all three services.
  • Manage expectations -- avoid misunderstandings,
    • Her feelings are sensitive and English is a language of words with many meanings. 
    • We watch TV so we understand a lot of slang and colloquialisms but be careful - keep it simple but NOT babytalk please. (the correctness of my words is helped by many)  On phone talk slow and pronunciate clearly until you know her comfort in asking to explain, be especially careful if you have a regional accent or English is 2nd language for you too.
    • I make page of suggestions about when to call Philippinas. ( Filipina, Philipina, Philippina are ALL same, I prefer Filipina)
  • So Much More - - With the help of many, plus all the great information I obtained during my Personal Searches I now have an online book about Filipina courtship, placing your own Asian ads, very personal feelings, how to avoid misunderstandings, how to make sure she is girl she says she is, how to get hundred of free addresses from websites that show photos, & much, much, more.   Information you can not find in other books or websites, that is for sure.  Plus I continue to update and add to it particularly on issues you ask me about and you get a full year of unlimited access.   See details on book  NEW I feature a woman from Section I each month including her original application - an $84 value over the full year access period.


Gifts  Delivered  in  The Philippines

Jean's  Filipina  Gift  Shop

Books,  Music,  Videos,  Flowers,  Magazines,  DVDs, and Barnes and Noble have identical prices on most books and very similar Amazon does great job for my friends. Select, wrap, personal card, and mail for you!  How convenient plus great prices and reliability.  Jen shipping policies.  Since Amazon has greatly expanded their selection to many departments and has gifts available, I no longer recommend B&N.   E The best Video / DVD store is MoviesUnlimited with a giant selection of movies from all over the World and Specials galore. Wal-Mart  is great - big selection.  eBay has great bargains and Circuit City has language software and many gift choices.  I would not be true woman if I didn't mention Flowers and 1-800-Flowers is great delivery all over Philippines and I guess most of the World. Our new Rose Delivery Service can save you about $20 per order.  I have best calling cards with easy search for best for you. has many good products and have been very helpful to us. is great site to meet Asian, Latin and Russian women.   Xoom  is a great way to send money to The Philippines.  The cash can be picked up at over 400 Equitable PCI Bank locations.  FREE delivery is also available in many areas. Xoom is much less than Western Union especially on small amounts like under $200 the fee is usually half that of Western Union (i.e. send $50 for only a $5 fee).  I also recommend iKobo when you will be sending money to the same person many times. Gifts delivered in The Philippines, gift boxed with a personal message card; inexpensive yet high quality.
We have a number of selected books described on this website or          
BEST Gift is to Visit Her - Meet Her and her Friends and Family (are you good hugger?) Book your USA & World Travel Online
Next Best Gift is to share your sweet voice with herSweet_Talk offers several calling cards both pre-paid, and monthly billed with detailed statements - there is a search engine provided to quickly find the best deal like 5¢ to HK  -  10¢ to PI  -  5¢ to Russia   Extra discount in quantities.  My friends use these cards and they work excellent.     Next Best Gift send Flowers

One of my favorites was a picture painted of my pen-pal by this painter.    He is great and very reasonable.

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