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Protect Yourself against giving your time & “heart”Filipina helping filipinas by introductions, personals, searches, background checks, verifications, information on culture, gift giving, telephone calls, and country info on philippines. only to find out after you travel to Asia the lady you love has a criminal record, a serious illness, or an undisclosed marriage & can not qualify for an immigration  VISA.   Write sincere ladies in SECTION I  that have passed formal background checks.
I hope you will take time to review the lovely women in both sections:
Her family accepted me with open arms, just as my family has embraced my wife as one of the family.  Click for happy story.I feel these Filipina ladies are the best qualified as future brides of any posted anywhere on the Internet.  They are not only physically beautiful, well educated and traditional in their feelings concerning marriage and family, but are very honest and sincere as they have passed formal background checks.

I offer a simple but very effective package which includes ALL their addresses, and telephone numbers, email address and original handwritten applications if available.  It also includes your legal personal ad in a popular Filipina newsletter distributed to a highly qualified group of over 100,000 single, well educated Filipinas.  Click here for DETAILS


In the second section is a wide variety of Philipina, some also college graduates, traditional thinking and glowing with Filipino beauty.  I will send you their addresses free if you will complete a simple address request form.  These are the same (I believe better) quality personals listings that you have to pay $5 to $15 to receive each address on other sites.
I try to answer those questions other sites avoid as too personal.  But these are most important of all. Frank and detailed insights into courtship from the Filipina's perspective are so important for Western gentlemen to successfully avoid misunderstandings during courtship with my sister Filipina, that I have spent many months writing a book, Filipina Courtship Secrets.   As I have interviewed hundreds of Filipina during my Personal Searches for European and American gentlemen, I have gathered intimate information that I reveal to you.  Intimate secrets that are not in other books or websites - that is for sure!   Contents       Also see my DVD
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7 friends and myself make a personal DVD for you to know us. Closer to Home - - 2 hour high quality DVD movie with great love story as well as much about life in smal towns in Philippines.  I highly recommend it, Jean I highly recommend this new book.  CLICK for Details My book has become much larger than I had expected because there is soooo much to share. 172 pages published in December 2003 - - Jeff's story of foreign romance with a beautiful Filipina
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Recommended gifts delivered in The Philippines


Gifts delivered in The Philippines

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