native filipina cupid helping young, beautiful, loving filipina friends in philippines find love, marriage, and happiness with american gentlemen on everlasting love introduction service.  Hi, welcome to my personal page  filipinas helping filipinas via american introduction service specializing in ladies from the philippines and filipina in OCW filipina programs.  Everlasting love introduction service has filipinas in cebu, philippines, a filipina in hong kong, a filipina in japan and a usa office for the filipina introduction agency.
Hi, I am Jen and I hope you will let me help you find your filipina dream girl.  My filipina girls friends are young, sexy, loving, smart, speak english and are seeking american men for friendship, love, romance, marriage and happiness. american + filipina = happiness.  Call my filipina friends a  filipina virgin, filipina friend, filipina girls, filipina love, filipina wife, filipina bride, but don't call her filipina mailorder bride please.
My name is Jen.   My father is originally from Spain.  My mother is Chinese.  In my case,
50% Spanish + 50% Chinese = 100% Filipina.
Yes, my four sisters and two brothers were all born and raised in the Philippines.  Like most Filipino families, ours is very loving and supportive and very, very conservative.  I am very conservative by Western standards but I am the "wild woman" in my family,  yet even as an adult woman, college graduate, a teacher and an OCW & now a small business woman  my father is still a big influence in my life. 

I truly honor my father yet it is very boring here in Hong Kong and I enjoy dancing in the disco very much.  I go maybe once a month with three or four girlfriends and I always leave with my girlfriends, never with man.  Almost all the Filipina living in Hong Kong live with Chinese families which are very strict and we have a curfew of about 9 to 9:30 PM.  Since it takes over an hour to travel home by train the discos the filipinas go to, open in the afternoon on Sundays; our only day off.   See photo below of friends at disco. 

Remember, even though we Filipina have a lot in common, we are very much individuals.  So take your time getting to truly know any Filipina you decide to write.  Statistics show couples that corresponded over six months before meeting enjoy the happiest marriages without hardly any divorces.   Those that first meet on a tour and marry quickly still do better than American marriages but ...

Many of my friends have passed medical & background checks.  I truly want to protect both my friends and You in this serious courtship matter!  Also, though serious, let us have Fun also, OK?  I had so many requests we finally made a movie with seven of my pretty friends,  Movie Details.   Also, see my newly updated book, Filipina Courtship Secrets, on our culture & funny Filipino customs.  Do you know what we mean by the words "simple" and "obedient"?   Here are more good books including books "A Long Way to go for a Date."   I also explain why we value older men, how to write or call us, best gifts including my personal favorite gift and now you can buy beautiful  Roses  & Gifts just like Filipinos for delivery in the Philippines at BiG savings and much, much, more...

Cebu City is near my home town in the Philippines.  I have included a video tour of The Philippines with my movie "Getting to Know Filipina" for your info. We live near the beach.  I am tall for a Filipino at 5'5" and I am of weight at 119 pounds.  Before coming to China as OCW in Hong Kong, I worked as a sales lady in department store and, after graduation from college, as elementary school teacher.  I enjoyed teaching very much as I like sports and love children.  I taught physical education.  But in this crazy world I made much more as OCW than teacher.

My friends Tess And Ling graduated with degrees in computer science; see photo below.  Along with my American friend Teri, her father Steve, and my sisters in the Philippines, we have worked hard to develop this Everlasting Love website.  Click here for story of how site began. We hope you will enjoy meeting our friends listed here.  They are new to introduction services and have received very few letters so far.  Their addresses are FREE to you.  All we ask is you seriously consider our many fine sponsors on this site.  Great stores including travel, gifts, flowers, tours, books, videos, ads in a popular Filipina magazine, and personal services also.  Only buy what you need, but when possible, use my link just before making a purchase. Of course, we greatly appreciate your consideration of our book "Filipina Courtship Secrets" and movie "Getting to Know Filipina" - I make a Special Offer to purchase both.  I sincerely believe you will find the very helpful and entertaining too.  I have had only positive comments from customers.   Thank you

My apologies for not answering everyone's letters personally.  I never expected to receive hundreds and hundreds of replies, and I have been so busy with our Gift Shop and updating my book on Filipina Courtship Secrets.  I tried but I had to give up trying to write everyone.  Please write my friends, they are truly nice Filipina women and will make lucky gentlemen wonderful friends, lovers and wives.  I have a GIVE-A-WAY for you for taking time to visit my BiG website - over 8OO pages total.  Now, begin my main site -  START

Blessings,      Jen
Read many intimate secrets in my personal ebook - Filipina Courtship Secrets
Most of my filipina lady friends are college graduates, speak excellent english, are simple filipina girls not expecting riches but filipina desire kindness and true love in their filipina - american marriage.
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