Western Man + Filipina = Happiness

You do not have to be good with Algebra to know that is a winning equation!!
Why   Filipina  find  Western Men  attractive
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We, being Filipinas in general, think of Western gentlemen, particularly Western European, Australian and North American men as God-fearing, hardworking, and deserving of much love, respect, and admiration. Please understand this the right way, but frankly we take pleasure in being submissive to the reasonable demands of our husband. Western men make us feel comfortable, and even protected, as we naturally look to Western men for high moral and spiritual integrity.   Ok, so we like taller guys and Western features, maybe because of movie heroes.  While many Filipino are fine husbands, too many men here playboy, drinker, gambler, and abuser.  Western (USA, Canada, Aussie, & Euro) man have reputation of treating wife in good manner.
Why Filipina find Older Men attractive
My beautiful sister Terrisita.  She was in beauty contest last month and did very well as she has model look - too bad she can not sing like me or she win!! (hehehe) Many girls marry men 20 to 25 year (some more) their senior with good marriage of happiness.  I am very serious with man of 24 year my senior.  I can say his wisdom, experience, patience, creativity, beliefs, responsibility and good taste yet funny humor make him very attractive to me.   He is not financially successful but he is well educated and has done good deed with his life but not perfect man either.
Another very important characteristic I love about Jerry is he truly listen to me, be sincerely understanding of my view, and not make me feel bad about any question I may ask. When he not agree, he explain why so I understand. This nice to talk of anything without being judged as stupid, or bad person.  This is most difficult to find in younger man.  Also, he earn my trust so I feel safe with how his decisions will be in best interest of our life together, and I will be right to obey his guidance. 
Jerry and I talk frankly about your culture view.  We know there be some embarrassing situations.   This is what we find out from conversation.  It will bother him much more than me due to way raised and perception of what couples should be in our very different countries.  Here young girl marry older guy without stigma of "golddigger / sugar daddy or Lolita / dirty old man."  Here young girl act more mature in many ways than same age girl in USA. Girl there under pressure from friends to dress silly, get tattoo and get jewelry holes in navel, nose, eyebrow and even some in tongue.  We wear more conservative clothes and little make-up so we look like older mature woman than we are when dressed-up to go out. ( OK, in T-shirt and jeans we look like young girl forever ;-) We are quiet by nature and make less childish fuss.   We start school younger and many graduate Secondary (High) School at age of 14.
A few years ago many girl marry at age of  15, 16, 17, but now not so many because more go to college. Some girls in rural province still marry that age. In Provinces life even more challenge and parents want better life for children. They know older gentleman take better care of daughter and daughter know older man be more faithful and kind to her. Your acceptance by girl's family is important, as is making girl happy.  If accepted by family, girl will embarrass family if she leave you without good reason.  If happy, she not think of leaving.   In general, girl over age of 22 more ready for marriage.  I feel OCW even better wife because.
I hope this and other frank information I have on site help.  You have to manage friends' views there, that probably be most difficult part.  I have many ideas that may help that I explain in my Filipina Courtship Book.  What do you feel I should discuss in book?   I am constantly adding more frank information.  I also now sell a book that is a diary of a Western man's courtship and marriage to a Filipina.  It is a very frank story from a professional writer that makes you feel like "a fly on the wall" to see most intimate moments of relationship.  Read about his book "A Long Way to go for a Date"  New is an award winning movie now released on DVD; "Closer to Home" about a Filipina and a suitor in New York City.  And finally, my personal DVD, "Getting to Know Filipina" is informative and a lot of fun too!  Don't miss my five pages Philipino book and movie reviews.
Why   Western Men  find  Filipina  attractive
Hi, I am Aurora.
 First, let me say that while Filipina have much in common, we are very much individuals and you should take the time and effort to get to know your penpal before you visit her, and know her well as a person before you marry.  Here is what some of the American husbands of native born and raised Filipinas have told me. American men find Filipinas to be patient and willing to stand by their husbands during hard times. That we are raise with high values of honesty, fidelity, and do not feel the need to control our men. (Why do women want to control man?)
Most Filipina are petite, cute, loveable, very very affectionate.    All girls shown here have passed background check.  See them in the Filipina Showcase.
That we view family and married life as first and foremost. That most of us may be called " homebodies" because we desire to focus on the domestic needs of our children and our husband. That (I like this part) while we are conservative in our views, we are fun to be with, and while shy and humble, we are as fierce as a lion when necessary. 
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As a group we are slim, petite, short, warmly shy and loving one-man women. however, we are not all brown with straight hair and a cute wide nose. Many have very light skin, and many are very dark also. I do not know why only brown seem to be in commercials and brochures. Also, we are not so flat chested as world says. (And some fat too, but no blondes or Amazon women ;-).    I can tell you from many years of girlfriend conversations that we are exceptionally romantic, but dream of romance with husband (almost) only. We are not promiscuous and most remain virginal until marriage, but we not shy about sex with husband. We also feel good when we have pleased our husbands. But guys, please us also, OK?
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We are very focused on family needs and are exceptional mothers. We are raised to cooperate with our husbands as head of the family.  This is cultural as well as religious belief and most believe deeply.  This is not unconditional however, if we lose respect of husband.  Liar, abuser, drunk, and playboy not worthy of respect and obedience.  Guys, there is great difference between being obedient or submissive, and accepting verbal and physical abuse.   Be kind and understanding and we yours forever.
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We are different from most Asian cultures.  We are loyal to family unit more than country.  We are comfortable loving and marrying men of other race, while most Asians "lose face" if marry outside their on culture.  We have limited career opportunity and pay rate much worse for girl than boy in same job.  So best for wife to raise family while husband works, so this is history and "normal" for us.  Marry a Filipina, and you not have to eat with chopsticks or bow all time. hehe 
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Our country has been a cultural and racial crossroad for thousands of years. This makes for a wonderful mix of Malay, Chinese, Spanish, American, Japanese and other blood lines. The Philippines was a Spanish colony for over three centuries and an American Protectorate for 50 years. There were many children born of relationships with US servicemen. These children are known as "Eurasians" and "Ameriasians" and have, in many cases, grown up to be exceptionally beautiful.   We know more about North American culture than possibly any other group.  We even know some English.  As a result we adapt more easily than most, yet maintain our traditional family and husband focused values.  Girls that have worked as OCW (Overseas Contract Worker) adapt even more easily.
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I truly believe Filipinas working and living in other countries, especially Hong Kong, make the best wives.  We have gained enormous experience by living abroad even though we live in a very strict situation with the Chinese families.  Most of us are college educated and are the Choice Ladies by the Chinese employers. We have already adjusted to living away from our home town and family.   We have seen  and experienced more of the Western culture, which better prepares us to live in your country.  We are accustomed to working very hard six days a week.   Also, as Nannies and domestic helpers we are experienced in running a household.  We know the proper care of children, cooking, preparing for family gatherings and parties, cleaning, sewing, shopping, dealing with teachers, merchants, etc.  We can also cook a wide variety of foods.  I know I have learned and matured a tremendous amount since I have lived in Hong Kong.

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