Most of best ladies prefer not to list with any service, yet are interested in a personal introduction.  I will do my best to serve you, Jean     Let me help You find that Special Lady
I can asked those delicate questions without offending her and find out if she truly will accept ...... Personal  Search
Over 100,000 Filipina in Hong Kong and there is your personal ad in this popular publication for them. Your Personal Ad   in popular Filipina publication
I have interviewed hundreds of Filipina during my Personal Searches for European and American gentlemen, I have gathered intimate information that I reveal to you. Filipina  Courtship  Secrets
Your full page ad with pictures individually delivered. Your  Full page  Ad with  Photos Individually  Delivered
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What does a Filipina mean when she says she is "simple" ?

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If you haven't heard from me by following Sunday, re-send request to this address, as sometimes errors occur.  If AOL be sure you set permissions to receive emails from Web. 

You may use, VISA,  MasterCard,  Virtual Check or old fashion personal check sent by snail mail.

Filipina + American = Happiness . . . . . . This I truly believe as long as it is "right" match. . . . This is why "Personal Search Service" is so successful. AND why "medical AND background check" so important.

Filipina + You =

Personal Search -   Send me you detailed description of the Lady you desire and if I accept your search criteria, I will do a personal search here in Hong Kong or my sister & friends will do a personal search in the Philippines.  I will not accept a search unless I feel I can help.  The focus is on quality of match not quantity.  Filipina to Filipina we can ask those delicate questions you can't.  We will introduce you to the best matches we can find over a two month period for just $675US (increase to cover compliance costs of new law)  Many Filipinas feel uncomfortable using an agency, yet would be interested in meeting a Western Gentleman if they were informed of him by a sister Filipina. I know, because I felt the same until recently. Why compete with dozens of penpals when I can do a personal search for you.  Starting New Searches soon so get on Waiting List  by emailing me at: info @ CourtshipSecrets . com or below.

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Filipina are petite, cute, loveable, very very affectionate.  (usually)
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Personal ads are not allowed in the Philippines because it is against the law.  Instead, you can (legally) place your personal ad in a popular English language Hong Kong newspaper, which is read by many of the over 100,000 Filipina living there and English speaking Chinese women also.  I truly believe Filipinas living in Hong Kong make the best wives.  We have gained enormous experience by living abroad even though we live in a very strict situation with the Chinese families.  Most of us are college educated and are the choice Ladies by the Chinese employers. We have already adjusted to living away from our home town and family.   We have seen  and experienced more of the Western culture, which better prepares us to live in your country.  We are accustomed to working very hard six days a week.   Also, as Nannies and domestic helpers we are experienced in running a household.  We know the proper care of children, cooking, preparing for family gatherings and parties, cleaning, sewing, shopping, dealing with teachers, merchants, etc.  We can also cook a wide variety of foods.  I know I have learned and matured a tremendous amount since I have lived in Hong Kong.

Once published your ad will run for a  Full 2 weeksYou may use up to 30 words (I will help with wording if you like) plus your E-mail and postal mailing address.  Almost all of the ads are in English.  Most agencies charge you $75 to $179 for this.  I not greedy and feel US$45 is fair fee to place ad for you.  I can also run the same ad in Thai, Malay, and Korean editions for only $75 total, including HK.  Remember the ad is read by many of the Filipinas working there.     If you decide on "Best Value" offer, Hong Kong ad is included and you may add other Country editions for only $30 more.

NEW -- Ad in true Philippines newspaper read ALL over The Philippines.  10 words in weekly paper for 4 weeks only US$45 Only major paper publishing "penpal" ads.  Great way to get many emails from interested Filipina.  Order item #3

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Filipina  Courtship  Secrets

My book has become much larger than I had expected because there is soooo much to share.
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So many courtships between Filipina and Western gentlemen end in heartbreak for no good reason - simple misunderstandings.  Well, maybe not so simple, but most are easily avoidable.  That is why frank and detailed insights into courtship from the Filipina's perspective are so important for Western gentlemen to successfully avoid misunderstandings during courtship with my sister Filipina.  I have spent over a year researching and writing a book, Filipina Courtship Secrets.   As I have interviewed hundreds of Filipina during my Personal Searches for European and American gentlemen, I have gathered intimate information to share with you.  Of course, being a native Filipina having experienced several unsuccessful courtships with European and American men and now a successful one, I have much to share from my experiences as well.  And I do, even though much is quite embarrassing.  Intimate secrets that are not in other books or websites - that is for sure!  As an E-book I will continually update & add content (now over 6 Megabytes & 600 files).
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My new book

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of a copy of your ad with pictures to  NEW  Ladies who receive our Questionnaire / application form.

Send 2 dozen roses for less than $45 total including shipping, taxes and delivery almost anywhere in The Philippines
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Please understand, I am a very small service just getting started.   Of course it took me six months of preparation to start §;-)     This is not a new idea but different with me.  I believe this will be very personal and work well for you because I will only do this for a few gentlemen at a time.
You email me your profile up to 250 words and two pictures and I will print your ad in color and attach it to the applications.  You may select the area of distribution: Hong Kong (and out lying areas)  Manila or Cebu.  Cost is only US 25¢ per sheet with a minimum of only 200 or $1 each for a four page color brochure on premium paper, minimum 100.   Yes Deliver Me!       Sample flier    Sample brochure        Long Waiting List, sorry

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You need to ask the RIGHT questions - I asked the ladies some good ones, you'll see!!!!!

Read  personal details in a lady's two page Questionnaire.   Look at part of one.  Almost all Hong Kong ladies have telephones and their number is on our Questionnaire (now, more have email also).   Sexual experience and interest, details on her family, health, habits, how active is she at Church, likes, preferences, why she will make a good: friend; wife; and lover written in her own words.  What are her favorite books, movies, actors, foods, TV shows, sports and more.  Which of over 100 men's characteristics listed does she label as  MUST,  VERY IMPORTANT,  FAIRLY IMPORTANT,   OK,  NEUTRAL,  WOULD CONSIDER,  WILL NOT ACCEPT   describing what she desires in a husband.  Everything is covered from "hair style" to frequency of sex.  You will know more about her than her own family.    ALL this information is yours for only $7 each, minimum of 3 per order.   Email me to confirm the lady you are interested in, completed the formal two page Questionnaire / application, most did.  Remember you see ALL "Choice Ladies" questionnaires with Best Offer.   NOTE: See New Law Restrictions
Equitable PCI Bank is very respectable Bank in Philippines so use the Xoom service with confidence. Jean Xoom is a great way to send money to The Philippines.  The cash can be picked up at over 400 Equitable PCI Bank locations.  FREE delivery is also available in many areas. Xoom is much less than Western Union especially on small amounts like under $200 the fee is usually half that of Western Union (i.e. send $50 for only a $5 fee).  Even on larger amounts the savings are substantial and in many cases the locations are much more convenient as Equitable PCI Bank has branches in small towns and shopping areas all over The Philippines.  While you need Internet access and a bank account or credit/debit card to make a transaction, the recipient does not need either a bank account or Internet connection to get the money.  DETAILS

Get Her Attention - BIG Time

More than a travel guide, it spends more time on background and maening of sites in the Philippines
Learn about Philippines without leaving your home

You can overcome her greatest fear, making you very desirable.  I know it is rare but the media here and at home in the Philippines make it big news. "Filipina Murdered by Foreign husband".   Or even more about spouse abuse: beatings, slave this 'n that, shootings, knifings, forced prostitution and well, you get the idea.  Our #1 fear is I will become a frightful news story.  Read true story of Mary's USA abandonment.  That is why we give great preference to gentlemen recommended by someone we know, but that is still a very small number to chose from.   If we knew you were not an abuser because you passed a background check you would go to the top of the list (at least close).  We have a question about the importance of a background check on our application - It is ALWAYS marked as a MUST or as VERY IMPORTANT.   We are interested in criminal and DWI checks not credit checks.  However, you should know if you have a poor credit record, the immigration authorities may decline issuing an entry VISA to your fiancée or even as your wife.  (Immigration info)  Check with your attorney if you are not sure you have the required financial capability.  You don't need a lot of money but be financially responsible.  I hear all kinds of total cost numbers in marrying a foreign lady but my guess is, it is not more than a regular courtship with your hometown girl, but it is at least a few thousand dollars.  We have a service that does such a limited background check.  Email me for details.   See, we were years ahead of New Law  
11¢  Philippines
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Personal   Tours  to the  Philippines

Watch this hard to find video to choose any side trips to take during your tour to my beautiful country.
Personal Tours

Click for details on my new book - " Filipina  Courtship  Secrets "
My new book
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We have made arrangements with a lovely couple (American husband / Filipina wife) to make your visit to the Philippines most enjoyable.  I can tell you they are very honest and sincere.  They just come to the rescue of a Filipina abandoned by her USA fiancée. They will help you will meet many lovely, sincere girls interested in marriage to a North American or European gentleman.  Most of the GOOD girls you will meet have never even had a date with a boy.  Most know nothing of dating and for sure very little about sex.  So if you are looking for a SEX TOUR please go to another tour company as we will not be doing that type of tour.  If you go on one of our tours and get engaged to a girl, our friends will help you process the paperwork.    Previous Tours were great success.    SPRING & SUMMER 2006 TOURS- are filling fast, and we taking reservations now.   You will have at least two full weekends in the Philippines you can choose Cebu (my hometown is nearby), or  De Oro City as destination.  You will have a private air conditioned room with private bath - see picture.      Reserve NOW 
Under $2000  including airfare, hotel & much more*.   Details      Latest  Updates
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