Click on DETAILS below for reasons my friends here in Hong Kong make the best Filipina wives @^_^@
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 My ebook

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They have revealed intimate feelings I now share with you
SECTION I       Request  contact information including original applications plus ad in Filipino paper
I feel these Filipina ladies are the best qualified as future brides, of any women posted anywhere.  They are not only physically beautiful, well educated and traditional in their feelings concerning marriage and family, but are very honest and sincere as they have passed formal background checks.
I offer a simple but very effective package which includes ALL their addresses, and telephone numbers, email address and original handwritten applications.  It also includes your legal personal ad in a popular Filipina newsletter distributed to a highly qualified group of over 100,000 single, well educated Filipinas.  & more!   Click here for DETAILS
Blessings  on your search for  True Love
My hope is by sharing insights into my culture, my country and what I 
understand to be the inner desires and motivations of my sister Filipinas, 
by this time next year, you will have a romantic wedding story to cherish.
SECTION II        Request   FREE  Mailing  Addresses
In the second section is a wide variety of Philipina, some also college graduates, traditional thinking and glowing with Filipino beauty.  I will send you their addresses free if you will complete a simple address request form.  These are the same (I believe better) quality personals listings that you have to pay $5 to $15 to receive each address on other sites.
NOTE: See New Law Restrictions  - * -  E-mail me to be on list to receive free addresses when available again. Jean
7 friends and myself make a personal DVD for you to know us. I highly recommend this new book.  CLICK for Details My book has become much larger than I had expected because there is soooo much to share. 172 pages published in December 2003 - - Jeff's story of foreign romance with a beautiful Filipina
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