If you follow my instructions, this is not cheating (just keep telling yourself that, OK ;-)For  those  with  Penafobia
( Fear  of  writing )

I used "fill in the blank" forms to help my students learn
and it will work for you too!  Jean
Step 1: Print this page or save it as a file on your computer;
Step 2: Fill in the blanks and run spell check;
Step 3: Copy on stationery in your own handwriting;
Step 4: Print, repeat, PRINT her name and address on the envelope.
 How  to get Ladies' home addresses, phone numbers, email address, and original 
handwritten applications

day / month / year


Hello ____________,


I pray you and your family are well this day. My name is _______________ , and I am writing this letter from the United States of America. I requested your address from Jean. I saw your photo and read information about you on her EverLasting Love website.  I must say I find you to be a very attractive lady.  I am attracted by the words describing you as a person as well as your physical beauty, and by the fact we share the same interests in ________________________________.   Also, the personality showing in your _________ (smile, eyes, facial expression) caught my attention and I would like to know more about you.  The reason I am writing is, I am very much interested in starting a friendship possibly leading to love and marriage.

To tell you more about myself.  Currently, I live in ________.  It is a town of about ______ people.  I like it because ___________________.  It is in the State of _______.  The weather here is ________________________ .  I am ___ years of age and my health is ________.  My family includes ___ sisters and ___brothers.  My parents _______________.  ( I was married but I have been divorce now for ____ years. I have _____ children living with ____________. They are ___________ )  About my education, I attended _____________ and my favorite subjects were _________ and _____________.  While in school I _________________.  For my job I _______________________________.  I have been working at __________ for ___ years.   I enjoy my job because ____________.

Some of my interests include _______, _______________ and ____________.  I enjoy going to see ________ (romantic, comedy, action) movies and sometimes having dinner in restaurants.  My favorite foods are ______, _________, and ________. On weekends I fix things around my home, or _____________ (I take a drive into the country to enjoy fresh air) (I like to go for walks in the park) (I go swimming at the beach).  If you asked my friends about me they would probably tell you _______________________ _________ _________________ ________________ __________________.

________, I would like to know more about you.  Please tell me about your family, your hobbies and what you like doing with your friends. What are your goals regarding your future plans.  I have enclosed a photo. I hope you like it.  I am searching for that loving and loyal lifetime partner to share the rest of my life.  I would like for us to get to know each other better.  Please feel free to ask me any questions, anything at all.   I want to be totally open and frank with you. ______, I hope I hear from you soon.   I wish all the best to you and your family.  I enclosed an IRC for your convenience.

Sincerely wanting to be your friend and more,

Your Name


My mailing address is:

I give you my telephone number only for you to call to give me your number so I may call you right back.  It would be nice to hear your voice.

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