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2008 Tour Information will be posted soon
We have made arrangements with a lovely couple (American husband / Filipina wife) to make your visit to the Philippines most enjoyable.  We mostly work with couples with travel arrangements from their first meeting to professional assistance with the visa process.  If you do not already know someone specific to meet we can recommend several free sites to make first contact.  We even have an online Gift Shop and deliver roses & gifts throughout The Philippines. WE do not  workYou will meet many lovely, sincere girls interested in marriage to a North American or European gentleman.  Most of the GOOD girls you will meet have never even had a date with a boy.  Most know nothing of dating and for sure very little about sex.  So if you are looking for a SEX TOUR please go to another tour company as we will not be doing that type of tour. If you go on one of our tours and get engaged to a girl, our friends will help you process the paperwork at both ends, there is a lot the girl must do here and much for you to do there.  

We have all gone through it so we know what is current. Three more steps have been added in the past year alone, plus more changes recently (even one good one:-).  The Embassy and the Philippine Government make it very hard on the girls, they are discouraged at every step, we have people there to help them with every step of the way.  We also have connections to cheap air fares and cheap international phone calls. Under .10 cents per min. to the PI. with no connect fees.    We offer sincere assistance and have filled each of our tours during the past three years. Our  2006 tours were the biggest yet.  We will have several flexible  Up Coming Tours.     Read latest update.   Email us for more information and addresses of the girls.

E-mail for current pricing as currency fluctuations & inflation have increased costs

*******   Seven Years 1999, through 2006, over 50 TOURS - -  ALL great successes  *******

You will stay in a clean, air-conditioned hotel in a safe area of Cebu City.  Great place you meet your existing penpal or meet new friends on a romantic tour.  Email me for more info.

We will have several up-coming Tours with flexible start dates.  Our tour service is much different from others that are around.  Our goal is to help you with that first face to face meeting, make sure you have a hotel room that is clean and has a toilet seat and hot and cold running water, a place to eat within walking distance and Jeepney's and Taxi available at you door step. All at a price that is within reach of most working guys. We tried pricing our tours the same for all instead of different prices from different airports but sometimes there is a difference, Dining room in our hotel.  We offer a safe, clean, convenient place to meet that special woman. especially for East coast departures. Our base price continues to be $1995USD which includes your round trip airfare, 14 days hotel, transportation to and from the Cebu or Cagayan De Oro City Airports, and MOST important we will do the VISA paperwork,  both hers and yours.  Time permitting we will also drive your fiancée around Cebu or Cagayan to visit the various offices she needs to go to to finish her paperwork.  For YOU, our full time guide is there for you to use any or every day, and we can also provide a air-conditioned Van and driver for an extra 1400 Peso (under $30US) per day including fuel. A cell phone is available most of the time at no extra cost other then airtime used -- local calls are about 3 peso (7¢) per min.

We can adjust the price up or down if you want to stay longer or less then the standard 14 days.

We work out of Cebu and Cagayan De Oro but can arrange a tour to another Island, and if you already have a special girl (or girls) we can bring your girl to Cebu or Cagayan at a very reasonable fee.


All our tours provide you with a private air conditioned room with private bath, orientation, immigration forms and help filling Standard room - air-conditioned them out. Tour fee does not include the fee for the paperwork at the girls end as it is done by a separate company and is a turnkey operation which includes her passport, birth records, NBI, police checks, cfo course, notice of marriagability, etc.....  ( base tour package price for two weeks stay will be $1,995 from major US cities.   That includes all air fares, basic hotel stay, cab to and from PI airports , two parties, and breakfast
Carl & Lorygen have their own hotel in Cebu.  It is very nice and has a large pool and modern cafe each day in basic hotel  [ nice but simple ] or if you want something real plush we can arrange it and still get you accommodations at a  very reasonable cost.)  Our goal is to make sure you and your pen pal have a chance to get to know each other in a safe and secure environment, we will not tolerate any exploitation of the filipina girls nor will we arrange any sexual activity for the men on tour so do not even ask. We sincerely want you to court that special person with whom you will find true happiness for life.  Reading Jean's eBook "Filipina Courtship Secrets" before your first visit is highly recommended.

E-mail for details

Your  Hosts

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Let our friends introduce you to your dreamgirl during a relaxed personal tour to my home province in the Philippines.
Carl & Lorygen

Departure dates for our personal tours are frequent  and we can now arrange for tours at any time you like.  If we are not ourselves in the Philippines we now have people trained to be your guides, one is a local police officer another is a Uncle of the Wife. Both good men and will look out for you and help you with the paperwork as I would.
Tours  2007 

This will give you over two full weekends in the Philippines in and near Cebu

You will have a private air conditioned room with private bath.   

 Want to go to a different place, like Russia or South America?
offers a wide choice of Tours.  

Send Money Fast with! Cash to the Philippines - Free Delivery
Xoom is a great way to send money to The Philippines especially their new ATM debit card.  Or, the cash can be picked up at over 400 Equitable PCI Bank locations.  FREE delivery is also available in many areas. Xoom is much less than Western Union especially on small amounts like under $200 the fee is usually half that of Western Union (i.e. send $50 for only a $5 fee).  They have an arrangement with PayPal to actually transfer the money.  I have used PayPal for six years without even a single problem - I highly recommend them.  And Equitable PCI Bank is very respectable Bank in Philippines so use the Xoom service with confidence.  We also recommend iKobo       Jean

2007  Tours  Booking  Now
Reserve QUICKLY for best rooms and flights

Two weeks hotel, airfare, transfers & assistance from $1995up. 

We still help with the girls visa work [ spousal or fiancé ] and of course the guys fiancé application. There continue to be a great deal of changes, and the INS site is often giving out the wrong forms.  In fact, if you follow the current INS directions, they will return your forms and you will lose several weeks time.  Their instructions are just plain wrong.  We now offer VISA assistance for a reasonable price even if you do not go on our tour.

We can now arrange for tours at any time you like.  If we are not ourselves in the Philippines we now have people trained to be your guides.

We can accommodate handicapped persons soon as we will be moving from or Cebu apartment to a larger home and will be able to have guys stay in our home if needed.  Also, we now have two hotels in Cebu City to chose - see photos above.

Do not put off going any longer then you have too as from past actions most girls get engaged to the first guy who makes it there as the old saying goes " a bird in the hand is better then one in the bush "  I feel like kicking myself for waiting as long as I did.  I hope you find as much happiness as Lory has brought to me!

Carl                     REQUEST  DETAILS

PS.  If you haven't read Jean's book or seen her DVD we highly recommend you do so.  Her Rose delivery service is 1st class.   Also, consider writing her friends.  Many of their addresses are free for the asking

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