" Can you come spend a few weeks with me to see if we like each other,

I will pay for your expenses, please come? "

I have heard this question dozens of times, so obviously I need to speak to the issue of what is required for a Filipina to visit or move to your country.  So, before you begin writing a lady from the Philippines, or any Country, you should know about the immigration requirements to bring a lady you want to marry to live with you in your country.  The requirements vary greatly from country to country, but since the majority of the visitors to my website live in the USA, I will provide some general information for immigration into the USA. After you get girl's heart, then you have to get girl home.  You need to learn as much as you can about process, to make decision to do, BEFORE you look for girl around the world.
Qualifying for a tourist, student, or work visa to the USA is almost impossible for a Filipina unless she is a nurse.   She would have to own land and have a great deal of money or be over age 40.   So you are left with two choices.  Help her qualify to receive a "Spousal VISA" or a "Fiancée VISA."  Both entry Visas require that you have met in person within two years prior to filing the application.   There are few exceptions to this requirement.   A medical and Embassy interview are required. 

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Recent experience shows clearly the processing of a Fiancée VISA is significantly faster (2 to 4 months faster) than the processing of a VISA for your spouse.  Internally, the State Department and the INS view these Visas very differently as one is temporary (90 days) and the other is permanent entry to the USA.   Special Info for Oversea Contract Workers and NEW USA work visa for Filipina nurses.  Tips on getting her medical exam and the scary Manila interview.  Safe, inexpensive way to send money to someone in The Philippines.

Self-help guide is 52 pages with easy step-by-step instructions and eligibility requirements. Packages include original application forms with samples. Click on immage for more information or to order.
Petition for Alien Fiance Visa Kit       U.S. Entry Visa for Spouse Kit  

The Petition for Alien Fiancée is made on Form I-129F. This Petition can only be filed by citizens of the United States for their intended future spouse. The general requirements are that the Petitioner be a citizen of the United States and that he CAN LEGALLY enter into a valid marriage. The main requirement for the foreign fiancée is that she has the capacity to enter into a valid marriage.   There are also financial and medical requirements to be met.   Also, any divorces must be final before application can be made.
The Fiancée petition is filed with the INS service center with jurisdiction over the petitioner’s place of residence. Upon approval, the petition is sent by the service center via diplomatic pouch to the overseas consulate with jurisdiction over the beneficiary’s place of residence. Upon receipt by the consulate, the beneficiary will be sent an application packet for application for a K-1 visa to allow her to enter the United States for the purposes of marriage.  This admission will be for a period of ninety days and may not be extended. The Petition for Alien Fiancée also allows for her dependent children to accompany her using a K-2 VISA. The determination as to their status is made at the consulate abroad during her interview.
During that ninety-day period, the parties are able to get to know each other and determine whether they wish to spend the rest of their lives together. If they do decide to marry, a valid marriage must occur during that ninety-day period. If a valid marriage occurs, then the alien fiancée‚ will apply for adjustment of status. If they decide not to marry, then she must leave the United States before the end of the ninety-day admission period. There are no extensions of time possible under this visa category. If you do not marry and the beneficiary returns home within the 90-day admission period, both you and your fiancée will be free to utilize this category in the future with other potential mates. Upon the marriage and adjustment of her status, a separate application for adjustment will be filled for any K-2 dependents.  Again, if the marriage does not occur within the ninety-day admission period, the K-2 dependents (children) have to leave the United States.
Citizenship - After three years as a resident, both conditional and permanent, the alien spouse may petition for citizenship based on marriage to the U.S. Citizen if the marriage is still in existence.
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Americans should be aware that getting married in the Philippines and then petitioning your wife to enter the USA is a slower process than petitioning as fiancée and getting married in the USA.   A prerequisite to marriage in the Philippines is to get an Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry from the US Embassy in Manila. I believe this costs around $80US.
In order to get married the couple have to visit the Philippine Marriage Registrar for the area they intend to get married in. The man must produce his passport and the Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry issued by the American Embassy. The lady will have to present her Birth Certificate, Resident's Certificate and a pre-printed letter of consent from her parents if she is under 25 years of age.
After the couple have applied to be married they have to wait 10 days for the Marriage License to be issued.  There is also some classes required (I believe only if Catholic marriage). Once the Marriage License has been issued the couple can marry straight away or whenever they wish. While waiting for the Marriage License the couple could be arranging who will marry them and where they will marry - and of course, the marriage can take place as soon as they have the Marriage License.
A judge, mayor, priest or minister of any religion or sect can perform the marriage. It would be a good idea to enquire what fee a judge or mayor might be expecting. Ministers of religion are not concerned about fees since their Church may have established a modest fee for a wedding.  If you are intending to be married in a church then you should approach the minister of religion directly in order to make the necessary arrangements. 
Marrying in Protestant Churches is quite easy.  If marrying in the Catholic Church certain requirements need to be met. It should be noted that the Catholic Church is not at all keen on quick marriages and a lot will depend on the priest concerned.  Catholics should bring their Baptismal Certificate and First Holy Communion and Confirmation certificates would be useful. The Baptismal Certificate is essential even if the other certificates cannot be found. Non-Catholics could bring along their baptismal certificates also. Catholics could bring a letter from their parish priest which could help their case if the Catholic Church is unwilling to marry the couple. Men who are divorced may not marry in the Catholic Church.  The best Policy would be for the lady to see her Parish Priest well in advance of your arrival in the Philippines in order that she can find out what the policy of the church is.  It is unlikely that genuine couples will have problems marrying in the Catholic Church. The lady may be expected to attend some instruction sessions on marriage which she can attend before you arrive.
Your influence over your new wife carries a great responsibility.  For You, she has left behind everything in life she has known: family, country, friends and most of her personal belongings.  She left these things behind and came alone to be with you.  Take the responsibility seriously.   Shower her with kindness, respect, affection and tolerance.
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"Meeting your Fiancée" - The petitioner must show to the satisfaction of the Immigration & Naturalization Service that the petitioner and beneficiary have met in person within the two years immediately before the filing of the petition. The meeting does not have to be of any particular duration-just that there has been a meeting. The requirement of a personal meeting can only be waived if it is shown that the meeting would result in extreme hardship to the petitioner or that compliance would violate strict customs of the beneficiary’s foreign culture.
"Extreme Hardship" within the meaning of INS regulations is described as extraordinary hardship. Financial hardship to the parties is NOT extreme hardship within the meanings of the INS regulations. Severe disability of the petitioner or immediate relatives of the petitioner under the petitioner's control are examples of extreme hardship. A mere recitation of hardship is not adequate. Such claims must be documented by competent and verifiable records and letters from hospitals, medical practitioners, and the like.
"Social customs" would be those customs where marriages are traditionally arranged by the parents of the bride and groom and the bride and groom are prohibited from meeting prior to the wedding day. In addition to establishing the custom or practice, the petitioner must also show that all other traditional aspects of the marriage will be met. Such documentation must include letters from the religious sect leaders. The religion must be recognized by the United States government as a bonafide religious group. Internal Revenue Service recognition is a good indicator of the bonafide nature of the religious order.
Sudden embracing of the religion by the petitioner is unacceptable and the first marriage for the woman is the only one that allows for this type of arrangement.
Failure to show that the petitioner and beneficiary have met within the two-year period or that the petitioner should be granted a waiver means that the petition will be denied. However, a denial merely means that the petitioner will have to go meet the beneficiary before filing another petition. The second petition would then be eligible for approval.    IMBRA


Overseas Contract Workers can process that the Philippines Embascy in country where they work.  I do not know about all, but here in Hong Kong and for frinds in Singapore, process is easier, faster and much less expensive. Unless your fiancée has family or friends living in Manila it can get very expensive traveling back and forth from the provinces. The wait for an interview was shorter alsol. Time from notification from the USA until friend had her notification from the US Embassy in Singapore was only 2 weeks. One hint if she stays working in Hong Kong (any country), she will have to have someone in the Philippines file for her NBI report and send it to her in HK. She will also need a police check in HK (country working in). If she files for her NBI at the same time you start the process there she should have it in time for her interview. As far as a OCW contract is concerned, she should be able to quit at any time.  There should be a clause regarding marriage or family matters. I just would not tell her current employer.   I had one friend tell her Singapore employer that she was engaged, and she was on the next plane to the Philippines!  Unfortunately, she had to wait two extra months because she had to wait for her police check to come through from Singapore!
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USA GENTLEMAN E-MAILED THIS TO ME:  My fiancée's cousin, an RN from the Philippines, arrived in the States in June of 1999.  She has an E-3 Visa, sponsored by an employer in a small city in the Southwest.  She said it was a new category for nurses and she believes that she was one of the first to utilize it.  She also said a lot of her Filipina friends have come in the same way in recent months.  I don't know if she used an agency or not.  My sister-in-law, also an RN, said she heard that they recently opened up 5,000 visa spots for foreign nurses.

Fiancée  Visa  Interview in Manila

So far Manila is only place for interview unless OCW.  Maybe Cebu City in future they say?!?  The Embassy requires the medical exam be done within 30 days of the interview. She must pay the equivalent of US $85.00 in pesos for the medical exam fee.

Medical Exam: I recommend that your fiancée arrive at St. Luke's Medical Center on the day of the exam at 5:00 AM to get in line to get the medical exam forms. If she gets there at 6:00 AM she will be in the second group of 50. The hospital opens at 7:00 AM.

She should bring notes of her medical history with correct spellings, so she can quickly fill out all the forms and proceed to the Cashier's window to make payment. Then they will give her a number to be called. She should get her results the same day if she is in the first of group of 50 from the morning.  If she is not in the first group of 50 to be seen that day it may the next day before she gets the results.

There are several eateries in the hospital for meals. Or your fiancée can bring sandwiches for meals.  It is better for your fiancée to stay in the hospital that day to make sure everything gets done.

She should be ready during the medical exam to answer very personal questions. She will be examined very thoroughly by the Medical Doctor.

Lodging: The Boulevard Mansion on Roxas Blvd. is nice hotel and is within a ten minute walk to the Embassy the price is about $75US.   Another reasonable hotel is called the Swagman Hotel which is also located the area. The Swagman is not that nice of a hotel but I know the price is reasonable.  There is, of course, the Bayview Hotel, which is directly across the street from the U.S. Embassy on Roxas Blvd. A single room starts at $160US and the prices go way up but it IS so nice and convenient.  If relative or friend travel with her then I think The Boulevard Mansion is fine, but up to you. 
THE  Interview:  It like Las Vegas - maybe easy, maybe horrifying.  Just depend on who interview you and political atmosphere there at US Embassy.  Accompany your fiancée if you can otherwise be as supportive as possible.  Maybe make sure she have cellular phone to use on days of exam until after interview and stay up all night in USA to talk often and reassure her it be OK soon, just do not give-up, OK?

Get as early an appointment as possible and do not be discouraged if she has to come back in afternoon for second interview, or even have to stay another day.  Be ready for very personal questions and answer honestly as they may try to confuse and catch in lie.  BIG TIP: Do NOT give them every letter you have.  Read letters again and chose letters with no embarrassment and NOT talk of trick process like marry in Philippines but no tell and apply for Fiancée Visa.   !!! They may read each and every letter you give them !!!   I understand direct number for US embassy Interview section is  011632-523-1001 ext 2087 or 2215    See my phone page for inexpensive calling to Philippines and Hong Kong or use "Best Deal" search engine for other countries.  My prayers are with you @^_^@   Visa help is part of our Personal Tour Package

 Unfortunately, the fiancée visa is now mailed to the girl many weeks after the interview?  This is causing extra time, money, and a good chance that the visa will be lost or stolen.  We have been asking people to write the embassy.

US Embassy
1201 Roxas Blvd
Ermita, 1000

I have been advised to no longer provide any contact info, even free until the new USA law  IMBRA is fully understood. I have been providing free address upon request since 1989 and have had no (absolutely none) reports of abuse, but the law is the law. We are not a US site but advisors feel the USA law could cause future VISA applications to be denied. I do not want any man or woman to reach that point only to be denied a VISA on account of getting their initial contact info from a "non-compliant" website. Strange law as the only way it seems I can comply at the moment is by not providing the contact info at all.  Jean
I hope I have saved you many hours looking for the above information and it saves you much time, expense and most important heartache.  If you desire to help me in return please consider doing any of the following:

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   review my friends' profiles and write, write, write!!!  

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This summary of the United States Immigration laws is only a brief overview. It is not intended to be all-inclusive. If you have questions concerning the immigration laws of the United Sates, you should seek the advice of an attorney experienced in immigration.
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